Annual Report

In fiscal year 2016 (FY2016), we completed a three-year strategic plan and launched our new three-year strategy in January 2016. This strategy, fully aligned with our mission, was developed to better address the complexity of our global footprint and reflect our member demographics. It focuses on Developing Future Professionals, Delivering Member Value, and Building Market Integrity. The intended impact of our strategy is to:

  • grow the market penetration of investment management professionals through relevant and accessible credentialing programs;
  • increase member value and satisfaction through greater professional recognition, a robust local society network, and improved continuing education and career resources; and
  • create greater engagement with industry that builds market integrity and creates demand for investment management professionals.

Throughout FY2016, we have continued to review our operating practices, particularly when it comes to reporting our status to CFA Institute members. This undertaking required a greater collaboration with local member societies and increased transparency across many of our activities.

As part of this effort, we have evolved our reporting approach this year. To meet a higher standard of transparency and disclosure, this year’s annual report provides a more forward-looking stance with respect to our strategic direction, expanded commentary from our strategic functions, and targeted links that guide you to more-detailed information.

We also encourage you to read the 2017 CFA Institute Proxy Statement and Member Report, which provides robust information about corporate governance, compensation practices, and our first ever member report.

Highlights from FY2016

  • We saw a record number of candidates and members join our ranks
  • We provided local member societies increased direct and project funding
  • We made a significant investment in our global brand campaign
  • We reconstituted our senior management bench; five new leaders joined the team
  • We shifted toward regionalization and emphasized a greater focus on adding value to our stakeholder relationships
  • We made progress on our major IT project, Digital Core Transformation
  • We improved our risk and control environment

For more information about our initiatives and programs in FY2016, please read the 2016 Annual Report (PDF).