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Launch a New Society

If your country or region does not yet have its own CFA Institute member society, we encourage you to form one. This requires significant effort; however, so please study the information below before proceeding.

Prerequisites for a New Society

  • The new society must serve a region or country.
  • It should launch with at least 50 individuals who are involved in making investment decisions and are Regular Members of CFA Institute, 75% of whom are CFA charterholders.
  • It should be able to grow to 100 members within three years.

Steps for Forming a New Society

If your proposed society meets these prerequisites, here is the process to form a new society:

  1. Inquiry A CFA Institute member (such as yourself) inquires about forming a new society in a given country or region.
  2. Feasibility CFA Institute investigates the feasibility of forming a new society within that country or region. We consider demographic and macroeconomic profiles, risk assessment, and the number of charterholders and candidates residing within that country or region.
  3. Preliminary Engagement If we determine it is feasible to form a new society, we initiate preliminary discussions with the interested CFA Institute members to assess local member interest. We may conduct a brief survey, hold one or two events, and/or host a temporary website to communicate information.
  4. Society Development Under CFA Institute guidance, prospective society leaders develops the infrastructure to form their new society and complete a member society application. The application requires a mission statement, bylaws, business plan, dues structure, and a list of prospective society members and leaders. We then evaluate prospective leaders and begin leadership training and development. Prospective society leaders must demonstrate leadership ability.
  5. Approval CFA Institute staff presents your application to the External Relations and Volunteer Involvement Committee (ERVIC), an oversight committee for the Board of Governors. ERVIC reviews the application at one of its regularly scheduled meetings and determines whether to approve the application and recognize the applicant as a member society.
  6. Once we determine the feasibility of your proposed society, it takes approximately one to three years to engage, develop, and approve it.


If you have any questions about forming a new member society, please send us your inquiry and include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Country of residence
  • Current society affiliation (if any)
  • Proposed society location
  • Current employment
  • Contact information

We will respond to your inquiry within three business days.

Submit an inquiry to Society Relations