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CFA Institute Conference: European Investment Conference 2017

16–17 November 2017
Berlin, Germany

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Shaping a Future-Fit Investment Industry

CFA Society South Africa is holiding its Annual Investment Conference and is very proud to host an exceptional line-up of all women speakers. They are specialists in their field and will no doubt drive the conference theme: “Shaping a Future-Fit Investment Industry.”

Collective Intelligence: Three Factors for Building Smarter Teams

What leads to smart teams? What is it that makes one team “smarter” than another — not in the sense of the average of all the IQs, but rather in terms of effectiveness?

Innovations in Wealth Management Fee Structures

In the face of growing competitive pressures, wealth managers are challenged to show value for the fees assessed to clients, a task complicated by the often bespoke nature of services rendered to wealthy individuals. In this webinar, Matthew Jackson, CFA, will describe the work that consulting firm Simon-Kucher has done to examine innovations in fee structures by wealth managers, including the results of their survey on how a wide range of clients perceive value.

Counterparty Credit Risk

Crucial knowledge on understanding the role of counterparty credit risk in a company's risk performance, covering multiple dimensions: banking, regulatory, accounting, derivatives valuation, trading.

Data Mining in Finance

This hands-on workshop is designed for all finance professionals looking to use "big data" to drive and improve decision making in their day-to-day tasks. The program covers key techniques used in risk/portfolio management, financial analysis, pricing, and trading.

Sustainability Bonds: What Are the Risks and Opportunities for Investors? (Rescheduled)

This webinar will cover market trends related to sustainable, green and social bonds, the risks and opportunities of investing in these types of bonds, various investor approaches to evaluating these bonds, and the motivations to issue these bonds.

Machine Learning 2017

Machine Learning 2017 is a one day event for traders and investment managers looking to learn how machine learning can be used to improve trading and investment performance across all asset classes. Featuring an impressive line-up of speakers including market professionals and academics, this is the only UK event devoted to the latest developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence for the financial markets.

Investment Revolution: The Future of Investing & Risk Management

This workshop has been designed as an intensive one-day-plus academic and educational session focusing on new ways in which institutional investors can better manage their investments.

BCA Academy: Principles Of Macroeconomics & Impact On Capital Markets

The two-day BCA Academy course teaches investment professionals how to examine the economy, policy, and markets; and also makes links between these important factors. The course is built on the world-renowned analytical methods that have been developed at BCA since 1949. Delegates will develop an understanding of what drives economic cycles, and why knowing where the economy is relative to trend is so important to forecasting policymaker behavior and markets. Sessions on each of the major asset classes will also help delegates understand the interaction between different assets.

CFA Institute Conference: Equity Research and Valuation 2017

CFA Institute Conference: Equity Research and Valuation 2017

Will there be more market fluctuation in light of the current US and global environment? Where can investors find value? Should we be learning about sector investing and investment techniques that apply in the current marketplace? Skillfully applying proven valuation tools can help you uncover undervalued companies during market change, give you the confidence and conviction to hold prior investments if the fundamentals have not changed, and help you build in a margin of safety.


28 events