From Trust to LoyaltyA Global Survey of What Investors Want

In this survey, we investigated the level and nature of trust within the investment community, surveying retail investors and institutional investors around the world. We asked how much they trust financial services and how loyal they are to their current investment firms. The findings, including comparisons with the 2013 CFA Institute and Edelman Investor Trust Study (PDF), offer investment professionals and firm leaders insights into how to strengthen client relationships and build better firms.

Executive Summary

  • Retail investors’ trust in financial services increased in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, and fell in Canada and Hong Kong since 2013.
  • Investment costs are even more important than performance to investors globally, and firms are not meeting expectations in this area.
  • Institutional investors rank ethical standards above all else in important attributes of a firm.
  • Investors in China and India lean toward robo-adviser options, whereas investors in Canada, the United States, and United Kingdom still value human interaction.
  • Transparency and cyber security are key concerns among investors.
  • A third of investors feel that another financial crisis is likely within the next three years, and about half of investors lack confidence in their firm’s ability to manage through a crisis.

Further Analysis from CFA Institute

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