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When we interviewed industry leaders around the globe about topics of importance, one of the most pressing issues of concern was the fear of a looming retirement crisis.

Why Establish an Ideal Retirement System?

Various pension design models have been proposed over the years; however, we still lack established best practice guidelines for retirement plans. Many factors that set the stage for an ideal retirement system; with this paper we offer a set of retirement design principles we hope will form the basis for debate and discussion.

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Read the report: An Ideal Retirement System (PDF)

Download the infographic: An ideal retirement system: what's required? (PDF)

Where Can I Learn More?

We have resources for those who serve as advisers and managers of the assets of others, such as Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs), institutional managers, and pension trustees.

Editor's Corner: This Financial Analysts Journal piece by Barbara S. Petitt, CFA, highlights articles devoted to retirement.

Financial Analysts Journal 70th Anniversary Issue: This special retrospective issue on retirement includes 10 of the most influential articles on this subject and offers a retirement template for the future.

How Public Pension Plans Can (and Why They Shouldn’t) Ignore Financial Economics: A Financial Analysts Journal article by Lawrence N. Bader about the long-term perils of ignoring financial economics.

It's Time to Retire Ruin (Probabilities): A Financial Analysts Journal article by Moshe A. Milevsky about the growing use of ruin probabilities as the guiding risk metric for retirement income planning.

Pension Trustee Code of Conduct: An ethical framework to guide board members to serve the best interests of pension participants and beneficiaries.

A Primer for Investment Trustees: An online course introducing basic investment principles for responsible trusteeship.

Members of the CFA Institute Board of Governors share their thoughts on the report, An Ideal Retirement System.

What Does this Mean for Your Clients?

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